The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion

The Sims 4 expansion pack, Get Together, brought clubs and more social activities to The Sims 4 game. Getting Sim friends to hangout to visit new venues is easier with this new expansion pack.
The Get Together expansion comes with a new town named Windenburg. Windenburg is a Euro-inspired town with more hangout spots – including coffee shops, nightclubs, pub/bar, a private island, haunted location, and ancient ruins.

The Sims 4 Get Together expansion also utilizes a new club ability. Sims can join or create a club. Club activities and banned club activities can be set to give the club points to purchase club perks. Club perks allow the club to have a handshake, certain club vibes, skill boosts during club gatherings, and club gear such as a club track jacket. What is unique about the club system is watching the behavior of the sims during club gatherings. Some sims can act out of character while performing club activities. For example, a club where there primary activity was eating, the sims in the club gathering sat around cooking and eating through the duration of the club gathering. Similar results with a video game club activity. Sims sat on the couch with their tablets playing video games throughout the club gathering.
Clubs can be made for all ages of sims. The club can be made as an open club or invitation only. Clubs can also have requirements such as age, traits, skills, wealth status, or marital status. Gender requirement seems to not be an available option. Clubs can also have a uniform, certain style, or color to wear during club gatherings.

This expansion also comes with 2 new traits, Dance Machine and Insider. New skills the sims can learn are DJ-ing and Dancing. The cheat codes for the new skills are:

Dance: stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 5 (Skill level can be set 1-5)

DJ: stats.set_skill_level Major_DJ 10 (skill level can be set 1-10)

Get Together comes with new items such as foosball table, coffee machines, a bush that doubles as a toilet and bed, fire to dance around, DJ equipment, dance floors, and decorative items. There’s new build mode items that have a medieval-inspired theme and new pool items. Now the sims can swan dive gracefully (although I have yet to see a sim land it quite right). Of course, there are a few new clothing options, new simlish music tracks, and stylized looks.
Overall, the Get Together expansion was a bit pricy for the features it came with although it was filled with interesting content. The Get Together expansion has the same theme as TS3: Late Night and a mix of The Sims: Living Large and The Sims: Hot Date. I found some of the new medieval-inspired build mode items interesting (pretty similar to some living large items). For the price of the expansion, I anticipated more options and content. If you are looking to get an expansion for The Sims 4, this is one worth checking out when it’s on sale.


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