Welcome to the Ansible Gaming Discord.

-No personal or sexist insults to other chatters

-No Threats No Spamming

-No Racism or hate speech of any kind

-No threating to be racist.

-No explicit nudity.

-No links to Warez, Tv Streams, game torrents or similar

Why can’t I type in any channels ?

A: All new members have to wait 10 mins before they can chat, this is to preemptively deal with spam and trolls. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

How do I invite my friend to this discord server ?

A: Please use http://discord.ansiblegaming.com/

No running water with microphone activated (doing dishes, washing hands, taking a shower, etc). Please mute your microphone first.

No cooking with your microphone activated. Please mute your microphone first.

Please do not utilize the latrine while your microphone is activated.

By joining you agree to these rules. Breaking these rules will result in a ban.