The Sims 4

The Sims 4 -Update

Today, the new Sims 4 update included toddlers! There were more CAS skin tones, assets, and buy/build mode items added, however this post will cover the Toddler part of the latest patch. Infants in The Sims 4 who age up to the next stage of life will turn into toddlers. Toddlers

The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion

The Sims 4 expansion pack, Get Together, brought clubs and more social activities to The Sims 4 game. Getting Sim friends to hangout to visit new venues is easier with this new expansion pack. The Get Together expansion comes with a new town named Windenburg. Windenburg is a Euro-inspired town

The Sims 4 Road to 200 Kids

“Maybe they should be better cooks. If I was eating, they wouldn’t be pregnant”. – Darion Ivey on why he has so many sim kids and babies. A little background for the 200 kid challenge. This road to 200 kids was a twist to the the 100 baby challenge. The

The Sims 4

I want to start this post by saying “I am a Sims junkie and have a problem”. In all seriousness, I have played The Sims from the beginning. I own and have played the majority of the expansion packs. Needless to say, I was super excited to see the release