Quiplash 2 and Gatorade

Disclaimer: This post does contain profane language, adult-like themes, and lots of pictures. Browse at your own risk.  A game we are having fun streaming lately is The Jackbox Party Pack 3. It is great to play a game with strangers that is so fun and can start inside jokes.

Changes to Steam User Reviews

Steam User Reviews  are helpful to review when looking to purchase a new game on Steam however there are many ways that Steam User Reviews can be exploited. It would not be surprising if some developers gift copies of there latest releases in exchange for a positive game review. This can

My thoughts: Elite Dangerous Multi-Crew update (2/17/17)

This Tuesday and Thursday fans of Elite Dangerous were treated to live streams of one of the most anticipated updates to the game: Multi-crew/Commanders Update (Patch 2.3.) This update for this season is number one “can’t wait” update. Last season for me was the “Ships” update giving me my favorite