Terroir – A Winery Management Game

Product provided by Publisher  Terroir is a single player,  3-D tile based wine-making tycoon game that recently left Early Access on September 20, 2017. In Terroir, players manage a vineyard with options to grow different grape varietals, sell wine to merchants, and grow the estate. During the game, players will

Quiplash 2 and Gatorade

Disclaimer: This post does contain profane language, adult-like themes, and lots of pictures. Browse at your own risk.  A game we are having fun streaming lately is The Jackbox Party Pack 3. It is great to play a game with strangers that is so fun and can start inside jokes.

Changes to Steam User Reviews

Steam User Reviews  are helpful to review when looking to purchase a new game on Steam however there are many ways that Steam User Reviews can be exploited. It would not be surprising if some developers gift copies of there latest releases in exchange for a positive game review. This can

The Sims 4 -Update

Today, the new Sims 4 update included toddlers! There were more CAS skin tones, assets, and buy/build mode items added, however this post will cover the Toddler part of the latest patch. Infants in The Sims 4 who age up to the next stage of life will turn into toddlers. Toddlers

New Game Releases of the Week

PC Game Publisher Date Arctic Trucker Simulator UIG Entertainment 10/10/2016 Clockwork Gamesoft 11/10/2016 Ne No Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Nutaku 11/10/2016 Along the Edge Nova-Box 12/10/2016 Demon Bundle Bundle Stars 12/10/2016 Smash Up! Nomad Games 12/10/2016 Stellar Overload Cubical Drift 12/10/2016 AIRHEART Blindflug Studios 13/10/2016 Atomic Space

New Game Releases of the Week

PC Game Publisher D ate Burly Men at Sea Brain&Brain 29/9/2016 FIFA 17 EA 29/9/2016 FourChords Guitar Karaoke Musopia 29/9/2016 Giant Machines 2017 PlayWay 29/9/2016 Hybrid Wars Wargaming.net 29/9/2016 Merger 3D Sometimes You 29/9/2016 Serial Cleaner iFun4All 29/9/2016 The Metronomicon Kasedo Games 29/9/2016 Wuppo Soedesco 29/9/2016 Xenoraid 10tons 30/9/2016 Dark

New Game Releases of the Week

PC Game Publisher Date Cossacks 3 Ravenscourt 20/9/2016 H1Z1: King of the Hill Daybreak Game Company 20/9/2016 The Bunker Wales Interactive 20/9/2016 Gravity Island Astragon 21/9/2016 Alliance of Valiant Arms En Masse Entertainment 22/9/2016 Dog Sled Saga Dan FitzGerald 22/9/2016 In Fear I Trust 1C 22/9/2016 Klang Tinimations 22/9/2016 Queen

Competitive Mode Changes

Season 2 of competitive mode in Overwatch has quite a few changes. Here is a basic overview of some of those changes: Skill Rating:  The skill rating system is measured differently than season 1. The scale ranges from 1-5000 instead of the 100-point rating scale in season 1. There is