Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy Review

It’s been many years since an older style World War II game came out. Specifically it was 2005 when Day of Defeat: Source was released. Now 12 years later we have New World Interactive has released Day of Infamy based on a modification to their game Insurgency. They brought game

Day Of Infamy March 22nd Patch Notes

With the game releasing tomorrow and supposedly another patch coming as well. We have a patch released on March 22nd 2017 a day before the release. Full update changelist below: NEW CONTENT New M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine. New music for the following: Counter-attacks in coop Beginning of the round for Attacking

Day of Infamy Update March 17th

Ahead of the March 23rd release of Day of Infamy from Early Access New World Interactive releases a substantial patch.  UPDATED CONTENT Major art & lighting pass on Sicily. Invasion gamemode added to Foy, Crete & Ortona. Grenades in your kit will now show on third person models. Updated HUD

Day Of Infamy Update [Feb 9th 2017]- Huge Update

We are releasing an update to Day of Infamy today to add two new maps Crete and Foy, new and improved coop and PvP game modes, better optimization, visual improvements, balance changes, and more. UPDATE 2-10-17: We are releasing a hotfix today to address some issues and make further balance

Day of Infamy Patch (Jan 6)

Today we are releasing a patch to address some issues and make some improvements based on feedback we have received since launching Beta. Full change list below: STABILITY FIXES Resolved crash when connecting to a different server. NEW FEATURES Class loadouts can now be saved from the outfit selection menu.

Day of Infamy Dismemberment Update

NEW FEATURE Added dismemberment. Players can now lose their limbs on or after death when an explosion goes off or a limb has taken a high amount of bullet damage. This can be toggled on or off through game options. NEW CONTENT New map: Salerno. Layout based on Avalanche from