Overwatch Patch Notes (6/6/17)

BUG FIXES General -Fixed several bugs that allowed players to reach unintended locations on multiple maps -Fixed a bug that caused players to fall from moving platforms while dancing -Fixed a crash that would occur when rendering fog for players with certain hardware User Interface -Fixed a bug that caused

Overwatch Patch Notes (5/23/17)

New Seasonal Event: Overwatch Anniversary We’re raising our glasses to toast the 30 million heroes who have answered the call to join us in Overwatch! From now until June 12, players can collect more than 100 Anniversary-themed rewards, and play three new Arena maps in the Arcade—all in celebration of

Overwatch Patch Notes (4/27/17)

(Sorry it’s a day late.) General -Added a slider for aim smoothing. This can be found under the “Controls” tab in the “Options menu. Click “Advanced” under the “Controller” heading Developer Comments: By default, aim smoothing/acceleration is set to the same value that players are used to (full smoothing, low