Evolve Stage Two

Evolve Stage 2: Patch 2.07

New Co Op Only Map Variant: The Deepest Dark (Beta) Operation Our first exclusive Co Op experience, The Deepest Dark is the latest Map Variant that is going live today! Taking place on a modified version of Wraith Trap, fight through the night with your friends to take on the

Evolve: Stage 2 – Patch 2.06

New Assault: Renegade Abe Abe has gone Renegade! Check out his new Double Barrel Shotgun, Nerve Toxin Dart and Corrosive grenades in the latest update for Stage 2! http://www.evolveupdates.com/renegadeabe/ New Map Variant: Overpowered Weather control has gone full OP! Alongside a new lighting pass, Weather Control now is home to

Evolve: Stage 2 Patch Notes 2.05

NEW Map Variant: Cataclysm -Orbital Drill has taken on a whole new look and a whole new gameplay with the new Map Variant, Cataclysm. So what goes on in Cataclysm? -During Hunt matches meteors will fall from the sky that both damage (orange) and heal (green) Hunters and Monsters. -These

Evolve: Stage Two Patch Notes 2.04

New Medic Character – Quantum Caira58   Quantum Caira is now available! -All Founders will have Quantum Caira unlocked on release and non-founders can unlock her now in the Store with Silver Keys. New Advanced Hunter Tutorial -This is a guided solo Hunt experience designed to help players understand more