Steel Division: Normandy 44 – Second Wave DLC Review

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Second Wave DLC for Steel Division: Normandy 44 is the first paid piece of paid content for the WWII RTS game that came out earlier this year. They are calling it the first “Division Pack” for Steel Division indicating that there may be more to come even though the road map through the end of the year doesn’t indicate that to be true. The DLC adds four new Divisions to Steel Division, two for each side. They are the 4th Armored, 16. Luftwaffen-Felddivision, 1st Special Service Brigade and the 9. Panzer division.

It also adds thirty -five new units total into the game, including the famous M18 Hellcat. The number of units are not equally distributed throughout the divisions with the 1st Special Service Brigade getting 8 new units and the second highest the 16. Luftwaffen-Felddivison getting 6. I would of liked to see more new units for all the included Divisions. Here is a selection of new units available for each Divisions.

4th Armored 16. Luftwaffen-Felddivision 1st Special Service Brigade 9. Panzer
M18 Hellcat M12 GMC Flakzwilling 43 NAG Flak Drilling Hellcat I Wildcat V Panzer I CSdKfz 263
M30 Cargo NAG Flak 37mm Morris LRC Panzer II L Luchs
Bantam FT-17 Seafire L.III
FT-31 Commando Kiefer
Flakpanzer Bren Royal Marines Commando
UE 630(f) Seafire F.III
6 Commando
30 Assault Unit

4th Armored

16. Luftwaffe

9 Division

16 Luftwaffe

That being said new divisions being produced with developer backing without having to rely on mods and adding more verity to an already difficult game to balance is always a good thing. As far as content goes I really don’t have many complaints for the price tag at $7.99. I think overall it’s a fair price for four new factions that don’t add anything over powered to the game.

M18 Hellcat for the 4th Armored Division

It’s nice to see the much loved M18 Hellcat added. I also like myself some Royal Marines Commandos. I also appreciated the addition of the Seafire L.III.

Spitfire Seafire L.III for the 1st Special Service Brigade

NAG Flak 37mm for the 16. Luftwaffen-Felddivision

Now I think the real hang up for most people on this DLC is the price point because while I enjoy the game and appreciate the DLC and addition of new Divisions I’m not currently a “hardcore competitive” player and for those players I would assume the more options you can bring into battle the better so this DLC is a no brainier. For those not in the competitive scene and want additional Divisions and units I think that the $7.99 price tag is fair. I have to add that I’m quite glad that the DLC did not include maps or modes and thus did not fragment the community. I think fair is a good way of putting it, this DLC just adds four new Divisions and for that with the inclusion of actual new units instead of just recycled units already in the game, it’s fair. They are adding more Divisions, something that many want without splitting the community. For their next paid DLC I hope that we can see a theater expansion into perhaps the Pacific theater or Easter front. If you would like to pick yourself up the four new divisions you can acquire them over on Steam.



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