How to make money in The Sims 4 without cheat codes

There are many ways to make money in The Sims 4. One of the easiest ways for your Sim family to obtain mountains of money is to use the money cheat, motherlode. There are other ways to generate Simoleans to afford a comfortable Sim life or pick up a few extra side Simoleans. Here is a list of ways Sims can earn money without using Cheat Codes.



The daily grind. Okay, this route is very obvious. Use the phone or computer to find a job for a Sim. The higher the Sim’s skills, the more likely they will get promoted and make more Simoleans for their household.


Open a Business

The Sims 4 expansion pack Get to Work  has features that allow the Sims to open a store. Sims can sell anything in their store plus can hire and manage employees.


Open a Restaurant 

The Sims 4 game pack Dine Out adds the ability to open a restaurant with the fare of their choice. Menu items and prices can be modified to maximize profits. Staff can also be hired and managed.


Gardening can be one of the most lucrative and profitable skill based money earners in the game. Gardening is more time consuming but does have a nice pay out.


Sims can sell the fish they caught for Simoleans on the spot. The higher the fishing skill level, the more likely to catch rare and larger fish.


Sims have the option to sell their painting for Simoleans as soon as they complete it. Selling the painting is much more profitable than framing it and hanging it on the wall.


When Sims write a new book and publish it, book sales provide a continuing income. The more books written and published, the more residual income generated for the household.

Comedy Routines

Sims can write a comedy routine on the computer and perform the routine at the park, nightclub, and parties. Payout is determined by length and quality of the routine. Comedy is not the fastest money maker, but it is entertaining.


Handy sims can make items using a woodworking table. Items made by the Sim can be sold from the Household Inventory. Handiness skill level 6 or higher allows sims to make higher priced objects.

Tips from Musical Instruments 

Guitar, violin, and piano skills is another way to make money in the Sims 4. Sims can earn tips and license songs. Writing songs can be time consuming and only one can be licensed at a time (unless a song is written using a different instrument).

Video Gaming

Some sims like to watch the world burn

Gamer sims can enter tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes.


Programming can provide a steady income through freelance work and making plugins. Sims can also use their skills to hack for Simoleans.


Sims can bake cupcakes or other baked goods and sell them in their bakery or store. Food items can be sold in the displays that come with the Get to Work  expansion.

Simolean-making challenge:

Painting Goblin

The painting goblin is a spin on Sims making money while painting. The “painting goblin” lives under a house and paints all day to generate money for the household. Paintings are sold while the Sim family is clueless to their fortune.

Throwing a party with the Simoleans “randomly” generating in their household account.

After Holliday reminded me of this gem, I attempted this challenge. It is time consuming and does not make a sim household super wealthy, but is livable.

Maybe they found out where the Simoleans for that new phone came from

The difference with this attempt was after a while, the painting goblin took care of herself as well.


There is another painting money making “challenge“.  I think I will skip that one for now.


What are other ways your Sims have earned Simoleans?

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