The Sims 4 Road to 200 Kids

“Maybe they should be better cooks. If I was eating, they wouldn’t be pregnant”. – Darion Ivey on why he has so many sim kids and babies.

A little background for the 200 kid challenge. This road to 200 kids was a twist to the the 100 baby challenge. The “official” 100 baby challenge, you start with a female, young adult Sim. The lot you start the challenge with needs to be affordable with the $20,000 the sim starts off with. With this Road to 200 Kids play through, a male, young adult sim was used. The starting lot was affordable with the $20,000 that was given to the sim at the start of the game.

The Road to 200 Sim Kids full background:

Started with a male Sim names Darion Ivey

Got married (to Talia) in order to pay for household bills. Spouse sim was working throughout the entire challenge. Darion or “Danquan” (@Ice) was a young adult at start of the challenge. After a while of the challenge/goal, some of the mother sim households were given money through the money cheat code (CTRL+SHIFT+C. testingcheats on Money {number}).

All of the female sims that were impregnated by Darion were in a relationship with him as his girlfriend. Romance bars were filled as much as possible. Friendship bars were kept as low as possible. The exception to this was Nancy Landgraab. She was married to another Sim at the time of the Sim baby challenge.

Darion’s wife was not pregnant until after 100 sim babies were born. At first he thought it was time to settle down and have kids with his actual wife. Then he thought “Why not 200?” and off he went.

All public lots in the Oasis Springs town were changed to residential lots to accommodate new Sim females to work towards completing the 200 sim baby goal.

A lot of Sour Patch Watermelons were consumed during this challenge.

Darion Ivey had these Sim traits:

Always Welcome
Great Kisser

Darion visited one of his Sunday night girlfriends. After their child making festivities, he waited for Ms. Alien to clean the sheets. Even with 4 kids and a possible new pregnancy, she is still expected to clean the sheets. (@Yungnation).

Darion visited his early Monday morning girlfriend (like butt crack of dawn early). She is ’bout to pop. All Darion can think is “Have this baby already damn it!”

He stayed with her throughout the day and night to watch Ms. Stone have his new Sim Baby. He also made sure to ask for a loan before Ms. Stone had the new sim arrival.

“When mommy and daddy want to have fun, the kids gotta run”

When baby mama’s meet:

During the Twitch stream, there was a lot of progress towards the 200 sim kid challenge:

And lots of support and Twitch love for Darion:

Even had a nice gallery addition to the Sim World.

Even had some ideas for reality TV shows:

At the end of the Twitch live stream, Darion had 175 kids and 7 pregnancies.

If you don’t have The Sims 4 and want to try the Sims 4 for free, there is 48 hours of free game-time available here.


Family Tree.



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