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Today, the new Sims 4 update included toddlers! There were more CAS skin tones, assets, and buy/build mode items added, however this post will cover the Toddler part of the latest patch.

Infants in The Sims 4 who age up to the next stage of life will turn into toddlers. Toddlers do have needs, emotions, skills, traits, and interactions unlike infant sims.

Toddlers also have hairstyle, stylized looks, outfits, clothing, and accessories in create-a-sim. Facial customization options are also available.


In Create-a-Sim, there is also the option to create an Alien Toddler and their disguise.

While in Create-a-Sim or when an infant ages up to a toddler, a trait can be selected. The following traits are available to be selected:


Angelic – Idyllic, easygoing Toddlers. They are never defiant and they don’t throw a tantrum. They can easily talk to strangers.

Charmer – These Toddlers love to socialize. They earn Communication skill faster, and don’t suffer Stranger Danger from strangers. They can Share the Love with other Sims.

Clingy – These shy Toddlers avoid Sims outside the household and get sad if left behind. They gain extra skill when taught. And they recover faster from bad moods when Comforted.

Fussy – Tiny trouble-makers who love to Cry, cause trouble, and Throw Fits. But being noticed makes them Happy and helps them overcome negative Moodlets.

Independent – These Toddlers love their freedom, and don’t like to take orders from caregivers. They gain extra skill when they are left alone, and need less Attention than other Toddlers.

Inquisitive – Curious explorers. These Toddlers gain Thinking skill slightly faster. They are happiest when learning something, and sad if they haven’t learned anything lately.

Silly – Goofy and curious. These Toddlers love to tell jokes and get Playful. They earn Imagination skill slightly faster.

Wild – Spirited and full of Energy. These Toddlers love to explore and get Energized. They earn Movement skill slightly faster. They get Sad if they haven’t been outside in a while.


Two reward traits are available for Child Sims who age up from the toddler life stage. Skill requirements are required for the following rewarded traits:

Happy Toddler (Reward Trait – Child) – This Sim got a good jump on skills as a toddler. This helps them gain all skills a bit faster. (All Level 3 Toddler Skills when aging up to Child)

Top-Notch Toddler (Reward Trait – Child) – This Sim got such a strong jump on skills as a toddler, they improve all other skills extra fast. (All Level 5 Toddler Skills when aging up to Child)



A parent or caregiver relationship must be defined for Toddler Sims. During game play, a non-parent sim can adopt a toddler as a care dependent or strip themselves from the responsibility through the toddler care menu. The toddler care menu contains interactions that help Sims care for toddlers and help meet their needs.


If a Toddler Sim’s needs are neglected, social services will take away the Toddler. Toddlers have the following needs:

Bladder – Potty train the toddler with the toddler chair or the toddler can use a diaper.

Hunger – Toddlers can sit in a high chair or eat on the floor.

Energy – Toddlers can sleep and nap in a toddler bed or nap on the floor or couch.

Fun – Toys, books, and games on the tablet will entertain toddlers.

Attention – Toddlers need lots of attention and constantly need supervision and interaction to be happy.

Hygiene – Giving the toddler a bath or changing a dirty diaper will meet the hygiene need.

Toddlers also have Communication, Imagination, Movement, Thinking, and Potty Skills to Gain.

Toddler Skill Cheats (if that’s your sort of thing):

CTRL + SHIFT + C ; testingcheats true

Cheat Code Skill
Skill_Toddler_Communication {1-5}
Increases the
Communication Skill (Toddler)
Skill_Toddler_Imagination {1-5}
Increases the
Imagination Skill (Toddler)
Skill_Toddler_Movement {1-5}
Increases the Movement
Skill (Toddler)
Skill_Toddler_Potty {1-3}
Increases the Potty
Skill (Toddler)


The update also added objects in buy mode specifically for toddlers. This category can be found under the kids section titled “Toddler”. Everything needed for toddler can be found there.

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