Day Of Infamy Update [Feb 9th 2017]- Huge Update

We are releasing an update to Day of Infamy today to add two new maps Crete and Foy, new and improved coop and PvP game modes, better optimization, visual improvements, balance changes, and more.

UPDATE 2-10-17: We are releasing a hotfix today to address some issues and make further balance changes. Mapmakers, please be aware that from now on in order to load your custom map you now will require a map script. You can copy a script from an official map and rename it to your map, and it should work fine. To any Mac users who are still unable to use the radial menu since yesterday’s update, please see here. You can see these hotfix changes below, followed by the full update changelist.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix kit menu being cut off on ultra-wide monitors.
  • Updated loading bar and MOTD positions to be correct in aspect ratios other than 16:9.
  • Added missing Crete localization text.
  • Fixed bots being assigned incorrect tactical roles.
  • Fixed smoke grenades setting the navmesh to an “on fire” state which prevented bots from pathing correctly if a smoke grenade was used in coop.
  • Resupplying after possessing a bot should now give you your normal loadout back.
  • Added missing Invasion scenarios to the mp_battles playlist.
  • Fixed Ortona Stronghold spawn coordinate being in the ground.
  • Fixed Comacchio Entrenchment spawn.

Coop Improvements

  • Created new Saboteur bot tactical role that will prioritize destroyable objectives, will apply to any bot with TNT in their loadout.
  • Added bot engineers with TNT to both teams in Raid and Stronghold.
  • Bots now are able to throw TNT at destroyable objectives.
  • Bots will now attempt to flee from TNT.

Map Fixes

  • Dog Red
    • Fixed clipping on stairs.
  • Crete
    • Fixed a missing backface.
    • Potential fix for overbright bloom.
  • Sicily
    • Fixed bell model floating.
  • Saint Lo
    • Optimization and soundscape pass.
  • Bastogne
    • Navmesh fixed.


Full update changelist below:


  • New map “Crete” formerly “Mercury” by The0rthopaedicsurgeon winner of the DOI mapping contest.
  • New work in progress map “Foy”.


  • New and improved cooperative modes
    • NEW: “Raid”
      • In this new mode there are many possible objectives in the area, but three are randomly selected each round. The objectives range from capture points, to assassination targets, to destructible objects such as fuel dumps and artillery batteries. Securing, eliminating, or destroying a target will respawn dead players on your team.
    • “Stronghold”
      • Stronghold has evolved to take advantage of new types of objectives, such as destructible fuel dumps, artillery batteries and officers to assassinate. The mode has been changed to support any number of active objectives within a particular phase, instead of always being two.
    • “Entrenchment”
      • Entrenchment has been changed to focus on one defense position at a time instead of two. This increases the intensity of the mode as the enemies focus on attacking a single position.
  • New and improved limited life multiplayer modes
    • NEW: “Firefight”
      • Firefight is a highly popular mode from Insurgency which we decided to bring over to Day of Infamy. Teams battle over three objectives and receive reinforcements only after capturing.
    • NEW: “Intel”
      • Intel is a work in progress single life mode where one team must return found intelligence to their home base while the opposing team attempts to intercept them en-route.
    • “Sabotage”
      • First introduced in the last update, the mode has seen balance improvements and now utilizes fuel dumps as the first two objectives, with the final objective being an artillery battery. Fuel dumps are easier to destroy than artillery batteries. There are also now restricted areas, to prevent spawn camping.


  • Texture streaming
    • Player and weapon textures will now only be loaded on-demand instead of remaining resident in memory resulting in much lower memory usage and increased performance.
  • Theater specific unit and model loading.
    • Models, weapons and units will now only be loaded in accordance with the theater on a per map basis to prevent wasted memory usage.
  • Air support optimization pass to fix stuttering and fps drop.
  • Implemented D3D9Ex to improve memory usage and improve alt-tabbing speed in full-screen.
  • Mac paged pool memory defaults to low.
  • Fixed potential frame stuttering during high audio usage situations.


  • New multiplayer playlists defined by gamemode.
    • “Battles” featuring sustained modes and 32 players max.
      • Offensive
      • Frontline
      • Liberation
    • “Special Assignments” featuring limited life modes and 16 players max.
      • Firefight
      • Sabotage
      • Intel
  • Updated unit & faction menu.
  • Full overhaul of class & kit menu interface with class-based preset saving of loadouts. These loadouts are saved in Steam Cloud and will sync between computers.
  • Rank & class icons now visible on the scoreboard.
  • Class icons now show in the overhead map.
  • Restricted areas and spawn areas now show on the overhead map.
  • Improved team and global leaderboards.
  • Improved load time & animation of ranking progress bar in post round screen.
  • Improved loading speed of player profile from the profile menu.
  • Axis team now have German class names.
  • Improved texture memory usage.


  • New default Canadian unit for Canadian based maps (Ortona and Reichswald).
  • Major art passes on the following maps.
    • Dog Red
    • Saint Lo
    • Sicily
  • Updated objective radio & table models for allied & axis factions.
  • Updated character art texture pass.
  • Long sleeve commonwealth soldier variations.
  • Per class unit and class head variation.
  • Dynamic slings now added to all weapons supporting the sling attachment.
  • Motion capture animation for crouch walk & crouch run for certain weapons.
  • Updates sandbag models.
  • Updated Sten and STG-44 audio.
  • Updated M1 Garand, MP40 & Enfield textures.
  • New 7x and 4x Scopes.


  • New suppression effect
    • Updated suppression effect including dirt on screen when explosions go off nearby
  • Explosions on the floor above you now cause dust to emit from the ceiling.
  • New atmospheric bloom effect
  • New thickness and translucency maps for characters heads (sub surface scattering).
  • New two way blending shader.
  • Post processing colour correction options currently available as cvars. These can be accessed in the console by typing: cl_colorgrade_profile plus a number below.
    • 1 – Off (Default)
    • 1 – Ryan
    • 2 – Black & White
    • 3 – Cinesoft
    • 4 – DOI based sepia
    • 5 – Red
    • 6 – Green
    • 7 – Bleach Bypass


  • Various class kit balances and tweaks.
  • Increased the interaction radius between officer & radioman.
  • Personal and team-wide cooldowns added to the radial fire support system.
  • MG34 recoil and handling balanced to match its Commonwealth and US Support class counterparts.
  • Supply crates
    • Tap once to receive a magazine or equivalent for your weapon.
    • Hold until the progress bar is full to obtain a full refill and health.


  • Reimplemented elite enemies.
  • Slightly reduced the accuracy of bots with rifles.
  • Bot ranks will match their difficulty levels; the higher the rank, the harder the enemy.
  • Improved the “throwback explosive” behavior. Bots will throw back explosives at their visible enemy, or in a random direction if there is none.


  • Potential radial menu fix for Mac OSX & Linux, game must be run in full-screen.
  • Updated commonwealth No77 smoke to No79 smoke.
  • Destroyable objectives no longer take physics damage.
  • Smoke grenades landing in water and not detonating no longer cause a cough VO response.
  • Fixed audio ducking continuing in spectator after death.
  • The game will no longer continue to prompt the kit menu during the pre-round state.
  • Fixed Linux servers reporting the incorrect CPU usage in the “stats” command output.


  • Bastogne
    • Layout adjustments to improve level flow.
    • Additional optimization.
    • Updated 3dskybox.
    • Improved art and lighting in overall map.
  • Comacchio
    • Layout adjustments to improve level flow.
    • Moved destructible wall in the church.
    • Updated Offensive, Frontline, Liberation.
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
  • Dog Red
    • Major art pass.
    • Fixed several issues throughout the map.
  • Ortona
    • Layout adjustments to improve level flow.
    • Additional optimization.
    • Updated offensive.
    • More polishing.
  • Reichswald
    • Adjusted final axis spawn area.
    • Additional art pass.
    • Fixed several glitches throughout the map.
    • Reduced sun brightness.
    • Updated Liberation
    • Updated soundscapes
  • Salerno
    • More polishing.
    • Added extra stairs in Offensive A building.
  • Saint Lo
    • Major art pass.
    • Layout adjustments to improve level flow.
    • Additional optimization.
    • Fixed several issues throughout the map.
    • Updated 3dskybox.
  • Sicily
    • More polishing, includes updated 3dskybox.
    • Moved Frontline Commonwealth start spawn a tad forward.
    • Fixed numerous flaws throughout the map.


  • SDK now updated with example maps for new game modes.


Since this update is so large I wanted to highlight a few things I found both interesting and got me excited. It adds 2 new maps from the DOI mapping contest, one of them being Foy. Also I’m very excited to see updates to the sandbag models as I’ve always felt they were basic but functional. There is also updated audio for the Sten and my personal favorite weapon the STG-44. One of the first things I changed when I got the game was the M1 Garand wood skin texture. It looks like they have updated the default skins for the M1 Garand along with the MP40 and Enfield. I’m excited to check those out. Lastly they also added new 7x and 4x scopes. I’m usually always happy to see model/texture and sound updates to games. Never hurts to make things just a bit prettier.

There also gameplay fix’s most notably “Various class kit balances and tweaks”, while there isn’t specifics for what this entails, I can only hope that prices to weapons and equitable items were tweaked a bit to allow for having 2 weapons a bit earlier.  Now something I’m not to happy about is “MG34 recoil and handling balanced to match its Commonweath and US Support class counterparts.” as this usually means they moved away from realism to bring the game into balance. Most of the time I’m okay with that but one of my exceptions is when it’s based on actual real life historic things that can be measured.

Overall I’m very excited about this patch and can’t wait to see more as this game continues to develop. To stay up to date with all DOI news and updates make sure to check out their site.


Written by: Wiggin

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