Day of Infamy Update March 17th

Ahead of the March 23rd release of Day of Infamy from Early Access New World Interactive releases a substantial patch.


  • Major art & lighting pass on Sicily.
  • Invasion gamemode added to Foy, Crete & Ortona.
  • Grenades in your kit will now show on third person models.
  • Updated HUD compass needles for “backup” and “radio”.
  • Updated sprint footstep equipment layer audio.
  • Game audio is now ducked and filtered in the kit menu.
  • Only show extended barrel and heat shield on Ithaca when a bayonet is attached.
  • Updated menus
    • New Coop & Multiplayer quick join menus.
      • Updated server browser styling.
    • New practice menu.
    • Updated escape menu with party system.
    • Updated main menu background.
    • Updated player count and version information.
    • Text chat added to the party system.
    • Added support for up to 4 news Items in the main menu.
  • Updated in-game user interface
    • New Scoreboard.
    • New Spectator UI.
    • HUD elements will now fade when in ADS.
    • Tweaked floating HUD letter colours for better readability.
    • Added drop shadows for item names in the kit menu.
    • Changed item description font in the kit menu.
  • User experience improvements
    • Users can now personally mute other players from the scoreboard.
    • Supply is now shown as spent & total available in the kit menu and HUD.
  • Audio & Subtitles
    • Updated VO for the original American voice.
    • New additional VO for US Army Station.
    • Added English subtitles for US Army Station and Commonwealth Station.
    • Added English subtitles for gameplay related voice over to British, Scottish, and Canadian units.


  • Updated all unit UI renders.
  • Updated all US face textures.
  • New dead cows, destructible walls and rubble pile props.
  • Updated textures for the following weapons:
    • Bren Gun
    • C96
    • Lewis Gun


  • Splintering grenade now causes suppression for an extended period.


  • Carpet bomber bombs should no longer cause explosions in the sky.
  • Fixed a bug in Offensive where regrouping could still occur with zero waves.
  • Fixed inventory loadout presets not refreshing correctly.
  • Fixed end of round stat accuracy showing as 0%.
  • Fixed players not always hearing the same game start VO lines.
  • Fixed German “No Officer” VO not being played when an officer is not present on the team.
  • Tutorial videos should no longer continue playing when you navigate away from the tutorial page.
  • Fixed issue with radial subtitles appearing twice when the radio version was also heard.
  • Fixed issue with radio subtitles showing multiple captions if heard through more than one radio.


  • Comacchio
    • Fixed sabotage spawns.
    • Extended Offensive capture zone A and B.
    • Small adjustments to restricted zones.
    • Additional art pass.
    • Fixed several issues throughout the map.
  • Crete
    • Auto exposure and HDR settings fixed.
    • Additional art pass.
    • Tweaked A Offensive spawns for both teams.
  • Dog Red
    • Flak position updated.
    • Tweaked beach area left flank from CW.
  • Foy
    • Remade stone building in the field as an animal shack.
    • Closed some windows on Hotel and other buildings.
    • Added more cover in areas that required it around the map.
    • Added extra entrance into Hotel side building.
    • Added dead cows.
    • Fixed non solid door exploit in Hotel.
  • Ortona
    • Additional art pass.
    • Tweaked corner building near Frontline A to make it less easy to lock down left flank.
    • Tweaked Offensive A to improve balance.
    • Moved Wehrmacht Offensive A spawn a bit further back.
    • Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
  • Reichswald
    • Additional art pass.
    • Updated Wehrmacht final spawn area.
    • Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
  • Saint Lo
    • Navmesh updated.
    • Reworked soundscape placement.
    • Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
  • Salerno
    • Additional art pass.
    • Tweaked Offensive C building to improve balance.
    • Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
  • Sicily
    • Major art pass.
    • Adjusted restricted zone A Offensive CW to avoid spawn camping inside first row of buildings near beach.
    • Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.

Thanks, and enjoy!

With this patch it looks like Day of Infamy is gearing up for it’s release next week. That means there is a ton of fixes updates and changes with this patch. Make sure to keep your eye on New World Interactive on release date.  What is your favorite change or update made with this patch ? Feel free to leave a comment.

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