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With the speed at which news comes out in the gaming industry we sometimes miss important or news worthy things. Some of these things we want to talk about in a way that is both easy for you guys and allows us to get all the facts together as some of these stories develop quickly. Sometimes we also just cover topics that we find interesting and want to discuss.

Destiny 2 Locks content previously unlocked behind DLC

Destiny 2 recently released a new DLC that adds new content to the game. However according to a reddit thread adding new content to the game it seems that it also has locked some missions that were previously accessible in the base game behind owning the new DLC. The issue caused some of the achievements to be unattainable thus Microsoft and Sony are issuing refunds because of it.

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Wiggin’s thoughts on the subject :  Initially I would of thought this type of mistake would of been an oversight by Bungie but after the silence it seems this was intentional. If this is intestinal I have to wonder what is going on over there. This just does not make sense from either a business perspective or making happy customers. I personally wasn’t very interested in this title but after three months this is the type of behavior we get from the developers I’m not sure I’ll ever be interested. I also feel PC gamers in general may be less forgiving of this type of behavior and that leads me to wonder if we will get Destiny 3 on PC. If this issue isn’t rectified then I can’t imagine what other weird decisions Bungie will make that will try to force people into buying the DLC. It goes without saying that what they have done is sleazy and extremely unprofessional. They have the resources to make amazing DLC and content that will get people to want to play their game and instead they resort to this. Time will tell if this gets fixed but I fear for the worst.

US Lawmakers want to regulate Lootboxes and gambling mechanisms

An article posted on IdealGamer.net has outlined how the Hawaii state representative Chris Lee wants to make gambling mechanisms banned for minors. The video posted by Chris Lee goes into more details about what would be considered gambling. The main point that Lee hits on in the video is to stop the sale of games with predatory game mechanics to those under the age of 21.

Star Wars: Battlefront Crates (cdn.wccftech.com/ – Click for Source)

Wiggin’s thoughts on the subject :  I’d like to think that legislation that directly targets these predatory game mechanics will produce a positive outcome within the gaming industry. If I’m going to be frank I don’t see that going the way we want. I see that it might be able to curb the problem we are facing today with titles such as Star Wars Battlefront 2. In the long term though I feel it will devolve into a corporate legal fight where companies are trying to figure out the best way for gaming companies to create legal loop holes and mechanics that circumvent the proposed legislation.  I hope that we can get some legislation that will curb some of the industry practices we are currently seeing but I hope that we don’t get locked into something that can’t be expounded upon and updated as the industry continues to find new ways to drain money out of their playerbase.

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