Weekly Wrap Up (11/27/17) – (12/1/17)

With the speed at which news comes out in the gaming industry we sometimes miss important or news worthy things. Some of these things we want to talk about in a way that is both easy for you guys and allows us to get all the facts together as some of these stories develop quickly. Sometimes we also just cover topics that we find interesting and want to discuss.

Star Citizen sells claim licenses

Here we are this week with Star Citizen announcing and beginning to sell a claim license.  So just to explain  what a claim licenses is “A claim license entitles the holder to claim ownership of a small section of land on a planet, moon, or asteroid controlled by the UEE.”  Cloud Imperium Games, the developers behind Star Citizen have provided a Q&A for the land claim licenses. To summarize some of the key points they are saying that these land claim licenses are going to be available for in game currency in the future.  You can buy either 4x4km or a larger 8x8km land claim. They claim that these land claims will not put those that do not buy them at a disadvantage. Also these land claim licenses don’t give you a specific parcel of land and you’re able to choose your own land. What does this mean going forward about the development of Star Citizen and why are they selling even more in game items that don’t exist ?



Wiggin’s thoughts on the subject :  So here we are at the end of 2017 and it doesn’t seem like we are any closer to seeing the release of this game. Earlier in the year there was supposed to be a big update to the game that was delayed and then once released failed short to deliver on expectations.  Yet here we are yet again with the developers attempting to sell something that will be buyable in game later. Now in theory this isn’t the worst thing that has happened during game development as it can give players the option to buy things early that don’t affect gameplay. However this isn’t you run of the mill game, this is Star Citizen, the game that has been in development for years and has the highest amount of money ever raised from Kickstarter (77 milllion total dollars). I’m trying to figure out why exactly they need even more money for because this game doesn’t have a release date and has proven unable to stick to deadlines. They seem to just be blowing through funding with little to nothing to show for it and then have the audacity to sell even more unreleased content to potential customers that I can guarantee have already sunk quite a bit of money into the game. If you have already spent a ton of money, I want to know why you would spent even more money when the games progress has been so slow. This whole thing feels like a cash grab to help balance the books and has nothing to do with the game development of the game, because if they are already requiring more funding to finish their game they are so far in a hole that it will be surprising if we ever see a finished product.

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