Subnautica: Today’s Update and Release date.

A couple of days ago it was finally announced that Subnautica, after three years, would be leaving Early Access and officially launch in “1.0 Mode” if you will.

The release date is January 23 and yes I mean of this year of this month. Because of the short time between today and the 23rd and with today’s update bringing a whole bunch of bug fixes I shall not be reviewing any of the patches/updates that are coming along before 1.0, if there are anymore that is. Today’s update is mostly bug fixes (and I’d like to think they called this patch “Just Quietly” from there official post about it) and since I don’t want to start yet another play through with the game so close to launch I figure I’ll just wait for it to launch and review it then.

Until then, if you REALLY need to see what’s happening or if they release another update and REALLY need to know what it is, you can check there main page out.

Also a side note from my previous post about the last update, apparently I was “over optimistic” about being able to finally get the Neptune Escape Rocket as that is indeed in the game but not enabled.  So for those who are trying to get there or almost there, be careful.  Unless today’s update enabled it, all you’ll be doing is wasting resources to build nothing.  So until launch, just hold out on seeing the ending of the game.

I’ll be sure to as quickly as possible write a review at launch.  Until then, hang tight.

Written by: Ozzy

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