Subnautica Eye Candy Update

New look. Provided by Unknown Worlds.

Subnautica just recently got an update, called the Eye Candy Update, which is apt for the update but what isn’t advertised in detail is the fact that behind the “Eye Candy” you see from the water to the fish and the rest, a lot…A LOT…of bug fixes and optimization went into the game.

It’s not 100% flawless nor does it run consistently at 60FPS but compared to the way it was running before this update, it’s a blood godsend. Early on in the game (when I first start a new run through) I would get a good 40-45ish FPS then as the game went on and on it would slowly lower more and more until I was lucky to keep a good 25-30 FPS but usually ran lower than that. With MASSIVE and sometimes long freezes, bad area loads, with some things just not loading in at all, it was hard to continue on from say, (Minor Spoilers,) anything past discovering the Lost River. (End Spoilers) I would still go on past that but it was hard along with the longer and longer load times ever save load.

Now with this update, the minimum average frame I get is 40-45 with a usual 60 most the time. Loading a save is faster even late game, areas loading is far better than before however some trees in the Mushroom Forests still take time to fully load in. For anyone that doesn’t know or has yet to experience it, the mushrooms on the trees would not spawn but the “branches” would. So you would get this weird trees with nothing there until you hit the still not loaded mushroom then all of them appear at once.
As mentioned, area loading in is far better than they were before, sometimes traveling into an “empty void” then suddenly everything loading in at once has yet to happen in a long time.

Also, keep in mind, before this update, I had to run as low settings as the game would let me, lest I run at about 10FPS because the water was such a strain. Now, all of the improve stuff mentioned above, I have been running at max settings across the board.
Before I forget as well, an FOV slider has been added which maxes out at 90. You will see some minor animation glitches because I do believe they did not account for certain equipment and tools you use to be seen that close as the original FOV was set to something along the lines of 60.

Side by side comparison, provided by Unknown Worlds.

Some minor mentions, a lot of recipes for crafting have been changed so make sure you check what you really need and don’t go off memory.

Appsro and Neebs (Engineer/Noob from Battlefield Friends) from Neebs Gaming have a cameo in the game thanks to the Devs loving their Subnautica youtube series. I won’t spoil it but don’t worry you won’t miss it either.

We now finally have logs from the Aurora and Degassi crews, along with most escape pods, that are fully voice acted so no more having to read text.

A minor addition, you can now add “film”-like overlay to your game to make it seem like you’re…in a movie?  I don’t know why but I guess someone will like it right?

Mining with your Prawn suit not automatically put what you mine in storage which is an EXTREME welcome instead of constantly hopping in and out to grab material.

Finally, although I have yet to reach it/make it in my new play through, the Neptune Escape Rocket has been added so for us Early Access players we don’t seem to have to wait for the official launch of the game to finish the story.

They are still optimizing everything in the game so it’s bound to get even better by the time the game launches but content being added should start winding down now. But we’ll see what they have in store for us.

Nice Job Unknown Worlds, lots of bug fixes is what I like to see of any game.  It’s shaping up to be a good launch, hopefully in January.  Have a Cuddle fish High Five.

Provided by Subnautica Wiki.

Link to official announcement page.

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