Steel Division: Normandy 44 – Patch Notes (8/9/17)

This patch seems multifaceted and address a few different aspects of the game . There are quite a few changes to the Meta including toned down veterancy bonus of units with 2 and 3 stars. They also decreased the “power” of the flamethrowers. Not really sure what that means in terms of gameplay though. Some experimentation will have to be done in regards to that.  We also got a new map variant of Odon so that’s nice to see. There was also some updates to some unit thumbnails and that means new desktop wallpaper for me. Modding improvements are also included in this update and that is always a welcome site to see for both players and modders alike. There are 17 fixes coming in this patch, most notably “fixed a crash while canceling a ranked game, what caused a loss of ELO points” so hopefully that won’t be a problem anymore. I also see that path finding problems have been addressed, nothing worse then a unit not doing what you want of it or taking the least direct path to where you want it. Overall I’m quite happy to see this patch and am ready for more of what Eugen Systems has for in regards to future updates to Steel Division: Normandy 44. For the full list of patch notes feel free to read below.

This patch focuses on some general unit issues, not on specific divisions. A next update, dedicated to individual divisions’ balance, is on the way, and will still be developed with the help of our community.

Note for modders: You will need to generate and upload your mod to make it compatible with this new version.

Here’s the changelog:


  • Anti aircraft weapons lethality globally increased.
  • Infantry takes much less suppression while moving and can fire on the move with rifles, making assaults and maneuver easier to achieve.
  • Veterancy bonus of unit with 2 and 3 stars toned down. Each level brings a smaller bonus than the previous instead of a constant cumulative value. Accuracy bonus remains +1 per level.
  • Infantry flamethrowers power reduced drastically.
  • Veteran and Elite planes dodge bonus removed.

New map variant:

  • New 1v1 & 2v2/3v3 variant of Odon map.


  • New thumbnails for several machine gun units.
  • New thumbnails for Carpiquet & Sainte-Mère-Église variants.
  • It is now possible to give attack orders through objective panel in the single player campaigns’ missions.


  • Improved localization options (maps’ name, campaign texts, options).
  • Improved outdated mod detection (avoid to ask for unnecessary update).
  • Added a backup feature for mods. Every upload will now generate a backup.
  • Updated modding manual and added some template helpers.
  • Added a pop-up on the next launch after a crash to disable all mod.
  • Added a less intrusive pop-up for outdated mods.


  • Fixed the display of points scored when destroying enemy units in Destruction mode.
  • Fixed some crashes occurring when changing graphic options.
  • Fixed a crash while canceling a ranked game, what caused a loss of ELO points.
  • Fixed freezes occurring when deactivating some sound devices during a game.
  • Fixed a freeze occurring when launching a Quick Load (F8 key) while there is no quick save available.
  • Fixed some mods compatibility problems after downloading a patch.
  • Fixed a rare crash occurring when watching a replay from an older version of the game.
  • Fixed some disconnection problems in 10v10 games.
  • Fixed a bug when the game did not respond anymore after turning sound on/off with an audio device.
  • Fixed some other rare crashes.
  • Fixed some pathfinding problems.
  • Fixed the display of the AI income in hard and very hard in each phase in the score panel.
  • Fixed the motor sound of the Schwimmwagen and Kubelwagen.
  • Fixed the firing sound of the SdKfz 251/21.
  • Fixed a bug when some infantry units were consuming smoke grenade ammunitions while attacking enemy vehicles with hand grenades at short-range.
  • Fixed a bug when an armored unit could sometimes turn its front armor toward an enemy it did not see.

Let’s have a look in details into the new content of this update:

Odon’s new variant
The new alternative map for Odon is available in 1v1 & 2v2/3v3 in multiplayer and skirmish:

In the 1v1 version, you need to rush to the river, at the center of the map, which acts as a natural front line. With players on each side of the riverbanks, you’ll have to fight tooth and nails to control the three bridges. Do you remember the second mission in the UK campaign? Well, it is the same feeling.

In the 2v2/3v3 version, you’ll be separated from your allies because of the Odon from the beginning of the battle, and requesting support or help from your comrades will be somewhat more difficult than before. Don’t worry, your enemies will feel the same. The use of amphibious units will be crucial.

New Thumbnails
We are proud of Steel Division: Normandy 44’s art style, in particular with the work of our concept artists. For this patch, they created new thumbnails for the map variants but also for infantry units.

Here are a few examples for you:

An allied MG squad waiting for combat…

…and its German counterpart.

Troops capturing one of Carpiquet’s aircraft hangars.

The church of Sainte-Mère-Eglise is in sight!

We’re already working on the next division balance update, and we’re still reading your feedback to improve the game experience.


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