Star Trek Online Patch Notes (6/8/17)


New feature: Added the ability to protect items.
-This new feature allows the player to protect most types of items from accidentally selling, discarding, trading, putting in the guild bank or mailing.
*To use this feature:
*Open the inventory.
*Right click on an item.
*Choose “Change Protected Status to On”.
*A protected item has a line in the tool-tip stating it is protected.
-Resolved an issue that caused a crash when launching the client in VMware’s virtual machine software.
-Resolved a game server memory leak issue caused by reward collection.
-Resolved a graphics crash caused by some trail FX.
-A new tailor NPC has been added to Drozana!
*Becka has taken over tailoring duties for Tek, who has retired.
-A new hairstyle has been added to the tailor!
*“Shaved and Curly” will be available to female Captains of most races.
-Re-centered target info icons for the following critters:
*Sensor Disruption Pylon – Battle
*Long Range Automated Defense Turret – Battle
Flare mortar
-Bridge preview image for the Amarie-class Smuggler’s Heavy Escort now correctly appears in the ship tailor.
-Resolved an issue that prevented players from seeing the compare tooltips while mousing over a secondary deflector in their inventory.
-Resolved an issue where rank pips were displaying inconsistently for Bridge Officers.
*Display of rank pips for Bridge Officers will now display properly in target frames.
-Resolved an issue that caused the bottles in the Starfleet Academy bar to flicker.


-Added support for filtering PvE Queues.
*Added a tab for which queues have been selected.
*The UI will now always display the selected queues on all tabs, regardless if the queue was joined via a public queue or was a private queue.
*When closing the queue window or changing tabs, if queues have been selected but have not yet been joined, the UI will now prompt to join the selected queues.
-Resolved an issue where queueing for Red Alerts in their Sector Space interacts would not join queues with players which queued through the PvE UI.
-PVP Challenges now use the new Queue UI system.
-Mirror invasion – Normal queue critters are now level 60 instead of level 50.
-Core Assault: Resolved an issue where dying in the second room caused the player to respawn at the beginning of the map.
*A new respawn point has been added.
-Twin Tribulations:
*Re-positioned the door breaching UI which was off center if the blue team had the tractor pull puzzle in room 3.
*Resolved an issue that caused players to be unable to pick up charges if the blue team had the charging node puzzle in room 3.
*Updated map image.
*Resolved an issue that caused a red alert to trigger immediately upon entering the box puzzle room.


-Caralun System Patrol: Ground portion of patrol now includes individual waypoints for various interactable elements.
-Kobali Adventure Zone: The Kobali crisis mission descriptions now include information about how to replay the sub-missions in the Kobali zone if you have previously completed them.
-Survivor: Resolved an issue that caused T’nae to follow the player too closely.
-Fluid Dynamics:
*Adjusted allied ships so that they will move quickly to aid player when engaging the Borg.
*Borg command diamond will no longer flee at high speed.
*Resolved an issue where allied ships would sometimes become permanently stuck in the Borg Unimatrix.
*The ships may still become stuck, but will now be teleported out after a set period of time.
-Dragon’s Deceit: Resolved an issue where mission progression could sometimes become blocked after shooting some rocks during “Holes and Corners”.


New items have been added to the Phoenix Prize Redemption Stores!
-Tier 3
*Elachi Subspace Rift Module
*Tritanium Rending Bat’leth (KDF only)
*Young Nanov – Vanity Pet (ROM only)
-Tier 4
*Ang the Vicious (Doff)
*Automated Personnel Unit (Doff)
*Tactical Exocomp (Doff – FED only)
*Goshi the Augmented (Doff – KDF only)
-Tier 5
*Solanae Tribble
*Fleet Tribble
*Fighter Squadron Device
-“Research & Development Pack” items can now be stacked up to 10 per inventory slot.
-The Duty Officer rewards from “All that Glitters” now open into either the EMH Mk I or a duty officer of up to Very Rare quality if the player already has an EMH Mk I Duty Officer on that character.
-Borg Energy Type Adaptation now affects damage from all sources of the adapted energy type.
-Omni-Directional Tetryon Support Beam Array from the Competitive Wargames Reputation now properly shares an equip limit with Reward/Set 360 Beam Arrays instead of Crafted.
-The “Launch Toy Rocket” reward from the First Contact Day festivities can now be launched on Risa.
*Please be mindful of beachgoers above you when launching!
-Resolved an issue that was allowing Winter Event commodities to be purchased year round from the Event Reputation Store.
-Resolved an issue that was preventing players from purchasing Winter or Summer event vouchers from the Event Reputation Store if they had the ship project slotted.
-Resolved an issue that caused some Kit Modifiers to be impossible to search for on the Exchange.
-Resolved an issue that caused the Point Defense Bombardment Warhead to begin firing before it had finished being fabricated.
*It now waits approximately 2 seconds before firing.
-Resolved an issue where all charges used were cleared when moving items.
-Resolved an issue where the Desperate Repair starship trait was not available for use once claimed from the Account Starship Trait Unlocks store.
-Resolved an issue that caused Elachi ground weapons to always bypass shields.
-Resolved an issue that was causing Tour of Duty progress to sometimes advance two steps at a time, instead of only one.
-Resolved an issue that was allowing a few Starship Starter Weapons to be tradeable.
*These non-upgradeable weapons are generally intended to be used until replaced, then discarded.
-Resolved an issue that caused weapon tooltips to not always indicate the damage increases they received from modifiers.
-Resolved an issue that was causing players to crash on the Risa Summer Event map.

Known Issues:

-Khitomer In Stasis: An option is missing from a console, blocking queue progression.
*The queue has been disabled until the issue can be resolved.

Patch Notes

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