Star Trek Online Patch Notes (5/25/17)

-Mirror Invasion Event:
*Portals will continue to spawn until the timer runs out in the first phase.
*Enemies clean up at the end of the Advanced version.
-Resolved a graphics related crash that frequently occurred in ground battlezones.
-Resolved an issue with the Husnock Warship where Prevailing Impulse Engine visuals would appear very large in sector space.

-Resolved an issue where the power level bonus from the Pilfered Power personal trait could stack.
-Resolved an issue where Tractor Beam Repulsors could cause the player to gain double the haste bonus from the Temporal Cross-Wiring specialization passive.
-Resolved an issue that caused the Smuggler’s Luck trait to display inconsistent cooldowns.
-Added “Energy Distributor Accelerator” Console to reclaim store, accessible only if the player owns one of the Temporal Heavy Dreadnoughts.

Known Issue:
-Joining a Red Alert from Sector Space is not grouping players with those that queue through the PvE queue UI.
*It’s recommended for now to only queue through the PvE UI for Red Alerts.

Patch Notes

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