Star Trek Online Patch Notes (5/11/17)

-The Player Potential System has been improved to more accurately match groups in the 3 Wargame Scenario queues.
*The Player Potential System is currently set up only for the 3 Wargame Scenario queues.
-Resolved a crash that would occasionally occur when patching or loading into maps.
-Survivor: Resolved an issue where Bridge Officers would sometimes run off to the starting point.
-Twin Tribulations:
*Twin Tribulations now has an AFK penalty on Normal mode.
*The end result popup now displays for teams that do not reach the finish line.
*The leave map popup now displays for teams that do not reach the finish line.
-Resolved an issue where players who had completed the Delta Quadrant mission journal episodes with a Delta or Temporal Agent could not receive rewards.
-Updated the average time displayed for Core Assault and Twin Tribulations to 20 minutes.
-Resolved an issue where assets would sometimes not appear in Fleet PvE queues.

-Competitive Wargames Consumables:
*Competitive Wargames Takedown Consumables now benefit from any kill that isn’t a Carrier Pet or Projectile.
*Competitive Wargames Consumables now display their shared cooldowns when viewed in the inventory.
*Removed the cooldown on Long and Battle consumables when player leaves the match.
*Resolved an issue where Instant resurrection Competitive Consumables were not showing the correct FX.
-Unshaken Resolve and Undeniable Competitive Wargames Reputation Traits have had the Armor Penetration value received from it increased.
-Seeking Mine Subroutine debuff now lasts for 30 seconds.
-Competitive Wargames Space Set 3 piece bonus has had the amount of Bonus Resistance from reaching max stacks increased.
-Resolved an issue where Tricobalt Torpedoes did less damage than intended if used with Transport Warhead 3.
-Resolved an issue that would cause Protonic Energy Stabilizer Modules to potentially damage the player when activating Feedback Pulse.
-Resolved an issue that caused the Basic Fire of Dual Heavy Proton Cannons to be Phaser Damage.
-Resolved an issue that caused the Protonic Energy Stabilizer Module to activate excessively when using Tractor Beam Repulsors.
-The damage of the Heavy Escort Hyperexcited Ion Stream Projector has been more than doubled.
-Tyken’s Rift now only drains current power in subsystems, instead of also reducing subsystems’ ability to regenerate.

-Added a filter to display “All” PvE queues, regardless of what it rewards.
-The group invite accept window will always show the “create private” tab instead of toggling the window.
-Added a message for when a private match group is disbanded due to queuing for a regular match.
-Added button to view the reward cooldowns.
-Resolved an issue where solo players are grouped into a queue group when joining a PvP map.
-Resolved an issue where when a player is set to Team Mode the player would get kicked out a group when invited by a player in Invitation mode.

-There is no longer an Undine Dromias Bio-Cruiser that is mistakenly labeled as a Dervish class.
-Updated the display name for numerous ships.
-Vaadwaur costume pieces are now available.
-All ships in the Costume Editor now have proper geo.
-All of these updates went out with Star Trek Online: Escalation however, the Foundry functions were just recently turned back on.

Known Issues:
-Hyper Capacitor Shields do not show shield regeneration value in the UI.
-Scramble Fighters does not properly interact with the Damage Immunity Lockout.
-Target information is not visible in shooter mode.

Patch Notes

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