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Evolve Stage 2 Patch Notes 2.11

Store Economy updates We’ve done numerous changes to the Silver Key prices due to the increased ways players can unlock Silver Keys from the addition of accolades and other Silver Key gains. Part of this change was making sure it was clear what the value of specific items were and

Evolve Stage 2 Patch Notes 2.10

Behemoth is now released to all players After some major tune ups, Behemoth (Bob) is now available for all players in Stage 2. Quick run down of his changes below: -New Passive: Living Fortress -Behemoth will gain stacks of damage resistance after a certain damage threshold. -Each stack lasts for

Evolve Stage 2 Patch Notes 2.09

Elder Kraken Visual Effects Clarity Pass -Lightning Strike and Death Spiral had a clarity pass to remove some of the visual clutter they would create during combat. Accolade tab added to the Profile card -This shows all possible accolades for the selected character on the profile card. Weekly Store Updates

Competitive Mode Changes

Season 2 of competitive mode in Overwatch has quite a few changes. Here is a basic overview of some of those changes: Skill Rating:  The skill rating system is measured differently than season 1. The scale ranges from 1-5000 instead of the 100-point rating scale in season 1. There is

Forza Apex 6: Leaves beta and adds wheel support

Forza Apex 6 will be leaving its beta state today and also adds wheel support. Here is the press released by the Turn 10 team. “With today’s update, we’re bringing support for a number of popular wheels to the Forza franchise, in Apex and the soon to be released Forza

Elite: Dangerous Galactic News (8/31/16)

Galactic News: Mysterious Wreckage Discovered A pair of independent pilots by the names of Noctrach and Ihazevich has discovered the remains of what appears to be a starship on planet 9a of the Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 system. The discovery represents the culmination of a galaxy-wide hunt coordinated by the

Evolve Stage 2 Patch Notes 2.08

Silver Key Earn Rate has been doubled After getting a lot of feedback over the last few weeks we felt that we needed to increase the Silver Key rates for playing through a Hunt game. -All Silver Key earn rates during matches (Win/Loss bonus, in-game awards) have been doubled. -The

Star Trek Online Patch notes (8/25/16)

General: -Resolved an issue where the interact with door keypads was not lined up correctly. -Kelvin Klingon Helmets: -Eyepatches are now allowed while wearing this helmet. Eyebrows no longer clip at their default size. -Increased the sound of Kelvin Phasers. -Added ambient audio to the Risa System map. -Resolved an

Evolve Stage 2: Patch 2.07

New Co Op Only Map Variant: The Deepest Dark (Beta) Operation Our first exclusive Co Op experience, The Deepest Dark is the latest Map Variant that is going live today! Taking place on a modified version of Wraith Trap, fight through the night with your friends to take on the

Evolve: Stage 2 – Patch 2.06

New Assault: Renegade Abe Abe has gone Renegade! Check out his new Double Barrel Shotgun, Nerve Toxin Dart and Corrosive grenades in the latest update for Stage 2! New Map Variant: Overpowered Weather control has gone full OP! Alongside a new lighting pass, Weather Control now is home to

Evolve: Stage 2 Patch Notes 2.05

NEW Map Variant: Cataclysm -Orbital Drill has taken on a whole new look and a whole new gameplay with the new Map Variant, Cataclysm. So what goes on in Cataclysm? -During Hunt matches meteors will fall from the sky that both damage (orange) and heal (green) Hunters and Monsters. -These