Influent is a game that claims to be an interactive way to learn vocabulary for a new language.

Influent can be purchased in the following languages: Korean, German, Latin, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Bulgarian, Mandarin, Chinese, English, and Japanese.

In this game, you learn new words in a small apartment filled with clickable items, any item you click on gives the ability to see the spelling and hear the name pronounced in the language you chose. Once you have 10 words saved, you can do a time attack test. During the time attack test, you are given a word in the language you chose to learn and must click on the item as quickly as possible.

I think this game is good for anyone looking to learn a little about a new language. The way this game plays out, it doesn’t feel like you are trying to associate a word with an object. After a while, if just happens and in an entertaining way. For the price ($10 for one language and $5 for every language after the first purchase), I think this game is worth it. Especially since this game allows you to learn words in a new language on your own terms.

Note: This game assists with pronunciation and vocabulary. This game does not help with grammar. It is a great supplement if you are already learning a new language.

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