Elite Dangerous Patch 2.3.02 (4/27/17)

Hi everyone,

We’re extending tomorrow morning’s usual hour-long downtime to roughly two hours to allow us to implement the 2.3.02 update (for PC and Mac players).

The galaxy servers will go down at 8am and they are expected to be back up for 10am. This information is subject to change, but it is the current plan. I’ll let you know if there are any changes to this. The downtime will affect Xbox One Players too, but the 2.3.02 patch will not be added for Xbox One.
The update contains the following changes:

Stability Fixes
• Fixed a crash that could occur in Capital Ship encounters
• Fixed a crash that could occur under various circumstances, such as when alt-tabbing and loading the game

• Reverted 2.3’s increase in faction influence from redeeming bounty vouchers

General Fixes & Tweaks
• Fixed an issue with a vessel’s total value not reflecting changes when outfitting modules

• Fixed an adjudication server disconnection from passenger missions

Patch Notes

Written by: Ozzy

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