Elite Dangerous Patch 2.3.01 (4/25/17)

Stability Fixes
-Fix to prevent a crash under some network conditions, that could occur when arriving in a session just as another player jumps away
-Fixed a crash that could occur when the helm initiated a supercruise jump while a Multi-Crew player was in a fighter
-Fixed a crash that could occur when cancelling a docking request when you have a docking computer installed

General Fixes & Tweaks
-Fixed an issue which created low resolution stars when exiting hyperspace
-Fixed an issue whereby gas giants would be incorrectly assigned a star texture in the system map when zooming out
-Addressed a large framerate drop that could occur when a friend logs in
-Various text fixes
-Various localisation updates
-Fix some Engineer bookmarks not being set when issuing invitations
-Missing GalNet articles have been fixed
-Farmed salt from the community for usage later.
-Addressed an issue causing Commanders to resurrect in Eranin instead of on a Planet Base near Colonia
-Fixed an issue whereby chained missions were not appearing often enough.

-Fixed some audio issues related to settlements
-Addressed some audio popping that could occur when near Moisture Farms
-Fixed missing audio dialogue in training missions
-Various ship related audio fixes

Galaxy and System Map
-Fixed an issue whereby galaxy and system map popups were offset on resolutions other than 1920×1080

-Fixed welcome mission not appearing for the Horizon Sidewinder starting package
-Fixed an issue whereby a certain welcome mission was not generating correctly
-Fixed a number of adjudication server disconnects


-Fix for non-helm players ending up in the pilot chair when dropping out of supercruise
-Addressed an issue that led to incorrect bounty share messages being displayed during a Multicrew session
-Increased crew payments: voucher scaling now tops out at 80% of helm earnings (previously 50%)
-Increased insurance rebuy discount for Helm to 30% reduction per crew member (previously 25%)

-Various network optimisations

Player Journal
-Scanning objects with no rotational period (or infinite rotational period) no longer writes any information about rotational period to the Player Journal
-Fixed an issue whereby events could become merged in the Player Journal

Ships and SRVs
-Fixed an issue whereby decals on an SRV appeared within a black box
-Small tweak to the tail camera on the Fer-De-Lance so an installed shipkit piece is more visible
-Adjusted ship name filtering
-Fixed a transaction server disconnection when transferring cargo

Weapons and Modules
-Fixed an issue with infinite Packhound missile ammunition and heat generation which meant they could be fired infinitely by a Multi-Crew Gunner
-Fixed issue whereby certain modules (such as the Advanced Discovery Scanner) could not be reactivated after being repaired by the Auto Field-Maintenance Unit

-Fixed expansions not being correctly processed during weekly server maintenance

Patch Notes

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