Star Trek Online Patch Notes (3/23/17)

General: -The Voth Melee Weapon Furiadon’s Fangs can now be reclaimed if unlocked through the Breach event project. -Resolved an issue that could cause Structural Analysis to spread to the player that cast it. -Resolved an issue where the damage from Deteriorating Secondary Deflectors was lower than intended in some

Overwatch Patch Notes (3/21/17)

PATCH HIGHLIGHTS: New Hero: Orisa (Tank) Built from the scraps of the city’s decommissioned OR15 defense bots, Orisa is still learning how to optimally perform her function. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in her steadfast dedication to keeping her city—and her creator, Efi—safe from harm. Orisa

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (3/16/17)

General: -Resolved an issue where some players could not claim Tier 5 rewards in the Lukari Restoration Initiative Reputation. -Unto The Breach: *Resolved some issues with spots lacking collision where players could get out of the event zone. *Extended the end date of the event to 3/24 on the calendar.

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (3/10/17)

General: Resolved an issue where players could not fly into the Voth City Ship after breaching it in “The Breach”. -The Breach event will be extended by 1 day to make up for this and end on 3/24/17. Known Issue: The final mission that grants rewards in the Lukari reputation

Overwatch Patch Notes (3/8/17)

GENERAL: Arcade -[Console Only] 1v1 Mystery Duel game mode is now available in the Arcade Custom Games: -Players can no longer gain EXP from skirmishes in custom games -AFK detection has been added to skirmishes in custom games Patch Notes

Overwatch patch notes (3/3/17)

HERO UPDATES: General: The total damage reduction that a hero can receive while buffed (e.g. from Ana’s Nano Boost and Orisa’s Fortify) has been capped at 50% (formerly 70%) Bastion: Ironclad -Bastion now takes 20% less damage while in Configuration: Sentry or Tank (formerly 35%) Developer Comments: After introducing the

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (3/2/17)

General: Star Trek Online will no longer be supporting Windows XP and Direct3D, or Video Cards with a Direct3D Hardware Feature Level less than 10.0. -23rd Century Bridge Officers now have stance animation in the character select screen. -The Weekly Reward has been removed from “Of Signs and Portents”. Systems:

Overwatch Patch Notes (2/28/17)

New Feature: Server Browser Starting today, every player can create their own, unique Overwatch experience and share it with their friends, their teammates, or the entire world. Introducing the Server Browser. An extension of Overwatch’s Custom Game mode, the Server Browser allows you to adjust the settings on various maps,

Genital Jousting Review

(The following review was written by my friend HoneyCunt in exchange for the game.) First of: the game is not serious at all(and shouldn’t be)! Secondly: first time I played this game I thought it was pretty easy to get the hang of, for the most part. You do most

My thoughts: Elite Dangerous Multi-Crew update (2/17/17)

This Tuesday and Thursday fans of Elite Dangerous were treated to live streams of one of the most anticipated updates to the game: Multi-crew/Commanders Update (Patch 2.3.) This update for this season is number one “can’t wait” update. Last season for me was the “Ships” update giving me my favorite

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (2/16/17)

General: Tzenkethi Battlezone: Changed how enemies re-contest player-controlled areas. -Areas captured by players now remain controlled for a minimum of 10 minutes, and now enemies cannot re-contest them if there are any players still in the area. -The enemies must still outnumber allied reinforcement ships to retake the area if

Battlefield 1 Winter Update (2/14/17)

MAJOR UPDATE: RIBBONS You will now be able to collect Ribbons as you play. There are 20 different Ribbons to collect, and each time you get a Ribbon you also receive a 300XP. The Ribbons are designed to promote good teamplay and playing the objective. If you have suggestions for