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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Overall it’s a good (re)start to the Mass Effect franchise but it’s very much a game that has the same amount of good as it does the same amount of bad. So it’s a cautious buy even if your a diehard (slut) fan like me. I’d wait for a sale.

Day of Infamy Review

It’s been many years since an older style World War II game came out. Specifically it was 2005 when Day of Defeat: Source was released. Now 12 years later we have New World Interactive has released Day of Infamy based on a modification to their game Insurgency. They brought game

Genital Jousting Review

(The following review was written by my friend HoneyCunt in exchange for the game.) First of: the game is not serious at all(and shouldn’t be)! Secondly: first time I played this game I thought it was pretty easy to get the hang of, for the most part. You do most