Battlefield 1 Patch Notes: May Update (5/30/17)

OPERATIONS We’ve received a lot of feedback from gamers regarding matchmaking into Operations servers, and we’ve made some adjustments – the first of many – to help mitigate getting matched to an empty server. With this change, a completed match of Operations will loop back to the same Operation rather

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (5/25/17)

General: -Mirror Invasion Event: *Portals will continue to spawn until the timer runs out in the first phase. *Enemies clean up at the end of the Advanced version. -Resolved a graphics related crash that frequently occurred in ground battlezones. -Resolved an issue with the Husnock Warship where Prevailing Impulse Engine

Overwatch Patch Notes (5/23/17)

New Seasonal Event: Overwatch Anniversary We’re raising our glasses to toast the 30 million heroes who have answered the call to join us in Overwatch! From now until June 12, players can collect more than 100 Anniversary-themed rewards, and play three new Arena maps in the Arcade—all in celebration of

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (5/18/17)

General: The art for the Miranda has been updated to be more in line with its canon model from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. -This update will automatically be applied to existing ships. -For more details, please visit the Miranda blog at: Twin Tribulations: *Resolved a couple

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (5/11/17)

General: -The Player Potential System has been improved to more accurately match groups in the 3 Wargame Scenario queues. *The Player Potential System is currently set up only for the 3 Wargame Scenario queues. -Resolved a crash that would occasionally occur when patching or loading into maps. -Survivor: Resolved an

Star Trek Online Patch Notes (5/4/17)

New Feature: War Game Scenario – Twin Tribulations: -This is a new style of queue where players train against the environment and themselves in a cross faction 5v5 space War Game Scenario. -This will be a Gauntlet style match where two teams of players race each other to a finish